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Great News: We’re bringing 20 student activists to the national Peace Action D.C. Organizer’s Meeting. Can you help us get them there?

From May 23-25, Peace Action community activists, organizers and allies from around the country will be coming together in Washington, D.C. to speak truth to power and call for peace as a priority in U.S. foreign policy.

We’ll have a full schedule of lobby visits, trainings and more, with activists from coast to coast. On the 23rd, we’re starting early with two days of planning, training and strategy meetings to talk about the year ahead, and on the 25th we are meeting with our Representatives. We already have meetings scheduled/being scheduled with our Senators. And, at some point when we’re together, we’ll take some time to celebrate the historic merger of Peace Action and Peace Action West, for a fully national, representative peace movement in the United States.

“I can tell you, as an activist who started in college, the experience of going to DC for campaigns I was involved in was transformative. The DC trips may be what made me into a life-long activist, because I felt supported by my organization, and I felt my voice being heard by my Representatives.”
– Kate Alexander, PANYS Director of Policy and Outreach

I’m so glad we can give that same experience to our Peace Action New York State student activists.

Can you give $40, $60 or even $100 to cover student expenses for the DC conference?

  • $40 Contribution – Feed Them: This will support one student’s food budget while in DC
  • $60 Contribution – Get Them There: This will support one student’s travel costs to and from DC (an average cost across the network)
  • $100 – Lodge them: This will support one student’s lodging for 2 nights in DC.

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