November 4, 2016

Six districts of eastern Mosul were recaptured by Iraqi special forces on Friday, according to a military statement. These six districts amount to just a fraction of the city, which is divided into dozens of residential and industrial districts and held 2 million people before it was captured by the self-proclaimed Islamic State in 2014.

Two More Shipwrecks Off Libyan Coast Kill At Least 239 Migrants, U.N. Says

November 3, 2016

At least 239 migrants, believed to be from West Africa, have died in two shipwrecks off Libya, a spokesman for the United Nations migration agency, said on Thursday. The International Organization for Migration said the latest deaths meant 4,220 lives had been lost in the Mediterranean so far this year, compared with 3,777 in the whole of 2015.

How Many Nuclear Warheads Does the United States Need?
November 4, 2016

Lawrence S. Wittner, professor of history emeritus at SUNY Albany, makes a case for cutting back the US nuclear arsenal. “We are living in circumstances of enormous danger for, as long as nuclear weapons exist, there is a great likelihood that they will eventually be used.”

Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. Vows to Keep Hitting Yemen, “No Matter What”
November 1, 2016
Prince Abdullah Al-Saud, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States, was the keynote speaker at the Annual Arab-U.S. Policymakers Conference last week. He told the audience, The Saudi-led coalition bombing Yemen had “righteousness, legitimacy, a lot of support,” and would keep bombing “no matter what it takes.”

Colombia Making ‘Substantial Progress’ with Peace Deal: President
November 2, 2016
On Wednesday, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos spoke about the peace agreement, which was narrowly rejected. “We have been making substantial progress. In the very, very near future we will have this agreement and I have the power to implement the agreement,” said Santos, who is on a state visit to Britain.

How the Irish Brought a Peace Deal to Colombia

November 2, 2016
In making the Colombia Peace Deal, inspiration and advice came from the participants of the Belfast Agreement that took place in Northern Ireland. Politicians, trade unionists and human rights activists traveled between Belfast and Bogota to assist in peace talks.