We've Been Busy

Last week, we brought our demands for peace to the People's Climate March and to the offices of our Representatives. Together, in coalition for peace, justice and planet, in the streets of D.C. and in meetings with our Representatives, we made it clear: we will not be ignored. And, with your help, we were heard.

Jim Anderson,
our PANYS President (pictured above!), led the way through the streets of D.C. with demands for peace.

Kate Alexander
, our Policy and Outreach Director, co-MCed the Peace Hub of the People's Climate March with George Martin, the Green Party Shadow Cabinet's Ambassador for Peace.

With the insights of peace leaders including David Swanson and Medea Benjamin, the voices of artists including Bonez and Rasha Abdulhadi, and the insight of local activists like Yemeni student Noman Ahmen, we channeled power, community & leadership for peace into the People's Climate March.

We didn't stop there. We brought that power to the offices of our Representatives, for the Peace Action National Organizer's Meeting. We met with 10 Congressional Representatives offices, and met with three Members of Congress: Representatives Tonko, Suozzi and Collins. 

Make sure our Representatives hear us, by making our opposition to Nuclear War impossible to ignore: Here are two actions you can take now:

Call Your Representatives and Senators: Tell Them to Support the Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act

Our nuclear weapons should not be used at all – but right now, they can be used without any Congressional oversight. We have 800 nuclear weapons that can be launched within 10 minutes, and a President who needs oversight. In the House, H.R. 669 and in the Senate, S.200 are the "Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act". This legislation would prohibit the President from launching nuclear weapons without Congressional authorization. Call 202-224-3121 to be connected to your Senate & House Rep offices, and ask your Senators to co-sponsor S.200 and your House Reps to co-sponsor H.R. 669.

Join the Women's March to Ban the Bomb

Join us in the streets of New York City on Saturday, June 17th to support the UN negotiation of a treaty to ban nuclear weapons. U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has obstructed these negotiations, so it's up to us to show the rest of the world that she does not speak for all of us. We want a war without nuclear arms. Join Us!

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Other Actions

Check Out 5Calls.org

Share this resource with friends and family: it is five calls you can make, every day, to your Representatives, on policies under attack by this Administration.

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Help Recruit Student Organizers to Peace Action New York State

Do you know students involved in peace advocacy, or who might be interested? Share our student organizing opportunities with them (linked below), or connect them with Kate Alexander by emailing their contact information to kate@panys.org

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Donate to Peace Action New York State

Our students & organizers depend on your support to take leadership roles in actions like the People's Climate March and the D.C. Organizer's meeting. If you like what we're doing, make a donation today.

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