We've Been Busy

As the second round of UN negotiations to draft a treaty to ban nuclear weapons began, we showed up at the UN and in the streets to make it clear: we demand a nuclear free world! 

On Thursday and Friday, we attended the second round of historic negotiations to draft a treaty to ban nuclear weapons. We witnessed diplomacy in action as countries came together in pursuit of a nuclear free world. US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has aggressively opposed these talks, and during the last round of negotiations, had a press conference outside of the negotiating room to say the US would not be a part of building a nuclear-free world. Nikki Haley does not speak for us! 

On Saturday, despite torrential downpour, we joined together with CODEPINK, the Women's International League for Freedom, United for Peace and Justice and other peace allies at the Women's March to Ban the Bomb to demand a nuclear weapons-free world – where no country has a legal basis for weapons that cause unparalleled damage. Rain couldn't stop us from having our message heard: we demand a nuclear ban! 

On Sunday, we kept the momentum going at One Struggle, Many Fronts: A Peace & Planet Forum and stood united against nuclear arms, the arms race & the use of nuclear weapons while hearing from diverse communities most directly impacted by their development, testing and use. 

Make sure our Representatives hear us, by making our opposition to nuclear war impossible to ignore

Here is an action you can take right now:

Call Your Representatives and Senators: Tell Them to Support the Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act

Our nuclear weapons should not be used at all – but right now, they can be used without any Congressional oversight. We have 800 nuclear weapons that can be launched within 10 minutes, and a President who needs oversight. In the House, H.R. 669 and in the Senate, S.200 are the "Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act". This legislation would prohibit the President from launching nuclear weapons without Congressional authorization. Call 202-224-3121 to be connected to your Senate & House Rep offices, and ask your Senators to co-sponsor S.200 and your House Reps to co-sponsor H.R. 669.

Other Actions and Announcements

Peace Action NY joins the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees

We are proud to announce that we recently joined the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees, and have committed to raising funds and awareness to combat the devastating Syrian crisis. The Multifaith Alliance is the nation’s leading interfaith response to the worst humanitarian refugee crisis of the 21st century. In partnership with MFA, we are committed to addressing the needs of Syrian refugees today, while planting the seeds for a more stable Middle East tomorrow. Please visit their website  and consider making a donation to help them continue their vital work.

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Join Us at the Youth Reception for Nuclear Abolition

Tomorrow, join international youth working to abolish nuclear weapons at a social reception to meet youth leaders & advocates in the field of peace & nuclear disarmament. Discuss ideas & strategies on movement-building & how to raise young peoples' & other voices–that are often left out–into processes on issues that effect our lives.

Snacks and drinks will be provided. Everyone is welcome.

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March with Peace Action NY at NYC Pride! 

This Sunday, we're marching in community with LGBTQIA+ folks here and abroad, impacted by U.S. policies domestically and globally, to say that love has no borders, and love is love is love is love. We stand united with people of all gender identities, expressions and sexual orientations to demand peace and love. We stand united in the face of war and oppression, from the streets of New York to Afghanistan to Syria and beyond. 

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