Your Membership Matters

Peace Action New York State is driven by the active membership of more than 5,000 supporters throughout the State. For maximum political power, for justice and peace, we need Peace Action New York State members in every Congressional District in New York. That’s our goal this year, and we need your support to make it happen. Will you join us? Click here! ยป

Because of PANYS members, we are making a difference. Over the past two weeks, we’ve seen unprecedented levels of opposition to an arms sale, international support for the United Nations and the abolition of nuclear weapons, and deepened our own community involvement to connect the issues of peace, religious freedom and gender expression. We’re working for a world with peace and justice for all. 

This year, we want  Peace Action New York State members in every Congressional District standing up for peace. Will you join us and become a PANYS member today? 

Over the past two weeks, PANYS members in New York City took to the streets to demand a more peaceful and just world. We co-organized the Women’s March to Ban the Bomb and as PANYS members, WILPF volunteers and concerned world citizens, we marched in a torrential downpour through midtown Manhattan to demand support for a treaty to ban nuclear arms. The next day, PANYS member Sally was one of several peace activists arrested outside the U.S. Mission to the United Nations to demand that the U.S. stops boycotting these negotiations. 

Can you become a PANYS member today to support our ongoing work for the abolition of nuclear weapons?

The week after the Women’s March to Ban the Bomb, PANYS members took to the streets of NYC again. Twice. First, we joined with Just Good Neighbors to offer support and solidarity to a mosque near our office that had recently been the subject of Islamophobic threats, including a bomb threat. We stood outside of the mosque during prayer service with signs of support and solidarity for our Muslim brothers and sisters, and spoke with many of our neighbors after, sharing thoughts of compassion, care and peace. Then, two days later, we joined the historic Resistance contingent of the NYC Pride Parade to connect the dots for a peaceful & just world for all. 

That’s what being a Peace Action New York State member is about: showing up to oppose state-sponsored violence in foreign and domestic policies.

Will you join us? And, will you share this call to action with friends, family and allies for peace?

In peace & community,

Jim Anderson

Peace Action New York State, President