by Pier Washpon

Security remains a stumbling block in Cyprus peace talks
June 28, 2017
Turkish and Greek Cypriot leaders are meeting in Switzerland for peace talks about the reunification process of the split Island. Greek Cypriots want the Turkish troops to be withdrawn from the island, but Turkish Cypriots say that they need them for protection. Despite the divide between the leaders, Greek and Turkish Cypriots gathered on the island along the U.N. -controlled buffer zone calling for peace.

Despite progress, challenges remain for Liberia to consolidate peace gains, UN Security Council told
June 27, 2017
As Liberia’s government heads towards transition, UN Special Representative of the Secretary General for Liberia, Farid Zarif highlights the need for increased support, free and fair elections, law enforcement and the implementation of the Human Rights recommendations are necessary for maintain peace during this historic time.

Colombia Takes a Big Step Toward Peace as Rebels Lay Down Their Guns
June 27, 2017
A ceremony was held where the UN observers shut and locked a container of weapons that were turned over by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. After years of violence, the Colombia peace process is serving as a hope and an example to the international community.

Myanmar needs to get serious about peace
June 30, 2017
Myanmar’s military continues to brutalize ethnic communities and the government says they would block a U.N. fact finding mission. Over 100,000 people have fled as fighting in northern Myanmar escalated. Support from domestic organizations for the U.N. fact-finding mission is being ignored by Aung San Suu Kyi’s government.

‘Love wins’ in Germany
June 30, 2017
German Parliament voted to legalize gay marriage. Gay couples will have the same rights as heterosexual couples. While Merkel did put the bill up for a free vote, she and about 200 other MP voted against the bill.

No regional peace without Pakistan, U.S. senator John McCain says in visit
July 2, 2017
Senator McCain believes that Pakistan is essential for regional peace because of its geographic location and strategic partnership with the U.S. However there are critics that believe Taliban is linked to Pakistan as a safe haven, and the U.S. recently named Syed Salahuddin, leader of the largest Kashmiri militant group, as a terrorist.

High school students create a mural of diversity and peace
July 3, 2017
A mural of the earth, hands, and trees with printed hand prints of the students of a Pennsylvania high school was created to represent diversity and inclusion. This coming fall, the hope is that teachers will discuss the symbolization of the mural with all of their students.

North Korea Claims Success in Long-Range Missile Test
July 4, 2017
North Korea claims that is has conducted its first intercontinental ballistic missile successfully. The missile flew 578 miles in 37 minutes and then landed in the Sea of Japan. Leaders of China and Russia are looking for diplomatic solutions while the United States is looking at other options.

Police Seize Knives, bats, incendiaries ahead of Hamburg G20 summit
July 5, 2017
German police expect 8,000 violent protestors to convene at the G20 summit that Angela Merkel will host Friday and Saturday. The Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere says that peaceful protests are welcome but not those that are violent.

U.N. votes to sharply reduce peace keepers in Sudan’s Darfur
July 4, 2017
A U.N. resolution was passed to significantly reduce the number of peacekeepers by 44 percent in the Darfur. While the fighting has decreased there is still concern about the humanitarian crisis of abductions, sexual and gender based violence and arbitrary arrest.

Turkey protestors stage a long march against Erdogan
July 5, 2017
Protestors march from Ankara to Istanbul demanding justice after a report allegedly leaked information that the Turkish government was arming jihadist in Syria. However most people are marching because they feel like democracy in Turkey is eroding and becoming more authoritarian.