by Pier Washpon

Instead of launching a missile, North Korea throws a party
September 10, 2017
North Korea, instead of firing another missile for the 69th anniversary of the government, unexpectedly held a celebration for the scientist involved in executing the largest nuclear test. Washington is calling for the UN Security Council to vote on imposing new sanctions on North Korea.

Lavrov urges direct talks, GCC unity amid Gulf crisis
September 10, 2017
Russia’s Foreign Minister said that diplomatic differences with Qatar should be resolved. He also called for unity of the Gulf Cooperation Council for stability. Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister, Adel al- Jubeir, said Qatar needs to bend to the will of the international community and stop supporting terrorists.

After insurgents’ truce, Myanmar says ‘we don’t negotiate with terrorists’
September 10, 2017
The Myanmar government rejected a ceasefire with Rohingya militants to allow humanitarian aid to thousands of displaced people. Aung San Suu Kyi said that they have no plans to “negotiate with terrorists,” referring to the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army. Landmines have killed and injured refugees trying to cross the border into Bangladesh.

On the front line with Ukrainian fighters who say they see sinister truth behind Putin’s plea for UN peacekeepers
September 11, 2017
Russia wants peacekeepers to be sent to Prom Zone, an area in Ukraine bombarded by rockets and artillery. One soldier welcomed this request as a pathway towards a peaceful political process, but others see it as a way for Putin to gain more influence over separatists and continue the flow of weapons and fighters across the border.

New Project Highlights ‘Brutality’ of Trump’s Overseas Assassination Campaign
September 8, 2017
Reprieve, a human rights organization, says that Trump is overseeing a fivefold increase of drone strikes in Yemen. Since Trump took office, 90 U.S. strikes have been recorded. Reprieve is also launching a new project “Death by Data,” which highlights how unreliable and inaccurate data contributes to government’s target list of suspects.

U.S. lawmakers want ‘supercharged’ response to North Korea nuclear test  
September 12, 2017
Congressman Royce said that every act of leverage should be used to put maximum pressure on the North Korean regime. U.N. Security Council increased sanctions by imposing a ban on textile exports and capping oil imports. A Chinese news agency said that the Trump administration is making a mistake by rejecting diplomatic pathways.

Message to Pakistan: India, Afghanistan to fight terror till its end
September 11, 2017
India and Afghanistan hope Pakistan will take notice of their pledge to fight terrorism and to strengthen their security cooperation. They note that terrorism is the greatest threat to peace and progress in the region.

Suicide bomb near cricket stadium in Afghan capital kills at least three
September 13, 2017
Two police and one civilian were killed after a suicide bomber blew himself up at a checkpoint near the main cricket stadium in Kabul.

Turkey Signs Russian Missile Deal, Pivoting From NATO
September 12, 2017
Turkey has made a deal to purchase a Russian surface-to-air missile system. The West is worried about Russia having influence over a NATO member and an “increasing unlikely candidate for the European Union”.

The NRA’s idea of recreation: assault rifles, armor-piercing bullets and silencers
September 11, 2017
Congress is going to revisit the Sportsman’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act of 2017. This bill will increase protections for gun owners who hunt, including allowing guns and other weapons in jurisdictions where they are banned, reducing regulations on silencers and assault rifles, and allowing the baiting of birds with grains as they migrate.

EU refuses to condemn Israeli genocide plan
September 14, 2017
The European Union is refusing to condemn an Israeli plan whose values have been likened to those of the Nazi SS. The plan threatens “even greater force” than Israel already uses against Palestinians who don’t agree to relinquish national aspirations. The EU’s refusal to denounce this plan flies in the face of its “moral mission to combat extremism, racism, and xenophobia.