by Pier Washpon

North Korea’s Threat Pushes Japan to Reassess Its Might and Rights
September 15, 2017
North Korea launched a missile over Japan that landed in the Pacific Ocean. Japan has a limited missile defense system, and the constitution limits its actions to self-defense. Even Japanese citizens are unsure if Japan should increase its military capabilities. The defense minister has not discussed pre-emptive strikes but rather counter strikes.

Pets or meat? Venezuela’s Maduro urges starving populace to eat rabbits
September 15, 2017
Food shortages have left many people in Venezuela ravenous. The President’s response was for the people to start eating rabbits instead on keeping them as pets. 75% of Venezuelans have lost an average of 19 pounds in the past year.

Burma: Military Torches Homes Near Border
September 15, 2017
The Burmese military is burning Muslim Rohingya villages along the Bangladesh border. New Human Rights Watch satellite imagery shows 62 villages burned between August 25th and September 14th.  

What is ‘chain migration’ and how could it disrupt a DACA deal?
September 15, 2017
President Trump ended Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, but expects Congress to come up with a deal. He tweeted that “chain migration cannot be…a part of the legislation. Most Republicans do not support a program which would allow naturalized DACA recipients to sponsor their family members.

Police arrest man at Dover port, search house in London bomb manhunt
September 16, 2017
An 18-year-old was arrested after a bomb exploded on a commuter train injured 30 people. Prime Minister Theresa May, put Britain on the highest security threat level of ‘critical’ and the police operation is still ongoing. This is the fifth terrorism attack in Britain this year.

Dubai marks UN Peace Day: ‘Tolerance is the backbone of all civilizations, religions, and cultures’
September 17, 2017
Hundreds of people gathered to celebrate UN International Day of Peace in Dubai. The Minister of State for Tolerance said that the UAE believes that tolerance is the backbone of all civilizations, religions, and cultures. She also said the UAE places high priority on respect for human rights and committed to the improvement of its own laws and practices. The International Day of Peace is observed each year on September 21.

‘Red Alert’ Sounded: Trumpcare is Back, More Brutal and Deadly than Ever
September 18, 2017
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to have a vote at the end of the month on a health proposal that Senator Bernie Sanders called disastrous. Even without a CBO score, experts warn that there would be devastating and deadly cuts to safety net programs, and disproportionately affect America’s most vulnerable communities.

Iraqi Kurdish referendum: Why international powers fear independence vote could derail fight against Isis
September 19, 2017
International pressure is increasing for the independence referendum set to take place on September 25 to be postponed. President Masoud Barzani said that he intends to go ahead with it and does not take the threats from Iran or Turkey seriously. The goal of the referendum is to gain independence from the Iraqi central government.

U.N. seeks to rally foreign backing for new Libyan peace plan
September 19, 2017
The U.N. General Assembly is proposing to amend the 2015 peace deal that stalled. Although oil production has partially recovered and ISIS was pushed out of Libya, there are still armed groups that control the informal economy. Internal political factions have become more splintered, making the political process much more difficult.

From Russia with fuel — North Korean ships may be undermining sanctions
September 20, 2017
U.S. officials believe that changing destination mid-voyage is a tactic that North Korean ships use to circumvent international trade sanctions.  At least eight ships were spotted leaving Russia with cargo of fuel and returning to the homeland instead of other declared destinations.