by Musabika Nabiha

North Korea sends unprecedented open letter to West urging ‘sharp vigilance’ against Donald Trump
October 23, 2017
Although North Korea traditionally communicates with Western countries publicly through state news, it recently sent an open letter privately to several U.S. allies condemning President Trump’s hawkish rhetoric and asserting North Korea’s military capabilities.

It’s not just Niger — U.S. military activity is a “recruiting tool” for terror groups across West Africa
October 26, 2017
U.S. Special Forces troops have been and still are being quietly deployed as part of the Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Partnership. As William Hartung of the Center for International Policy says, “it is fair to say that the larger U.S. military presence has, at a minimum, served as a recruiting tool for the growing number of terrorist groups operating in West Africa.”

Palestinian women’s council takes charge: ‘They depend on us’
October 26, 2017
Some women of the Palestinian village Jubbet al-Dhib have created a women’s council to lead themselves. They’ve made “groundbreaking achievements” including repairing infrastructure, bringing needed businesses to the village, and getting solar panels installed. Whereas this initiative faced opposition initially, the women now say that the village depends on them.

Spain Dismisses Catalonia Government After Region Declares Independence
October 27, 2017
Spain’s leader dissolved the regional government of Catalonia after it declared independence. The situation is being characterized as the “biggest political crisis in decades to hit Spain.”

In Mogadishu, Truck Bomb and Gunmen Kill at Least 23 in Hotel Attack
October 28, 2017
The Nasa-Hablod hotel – a hotel popular with government ministers, legislators, and business leaders – was targeted in a terror attack on Saturday. A truck bomb was detonated outside the hotel shortly before gunmen raided the hotel.

Tillerson, Mattis call for unlimited war authority if 2001 AUMF replaced
October 30, 2017
Sec. of State Rex Tillerson asked that any new AUMF passed “not be geographically restricted” nor “time constrained”. Both Tillerson and Defense Secretary Mattis agree that no new authorization is even needed.

Defense Department: The War On Terror Has Cost $250 Million A Day For 16 Years
October 31, 2017
According to a recently released “cost of war” report by the Department of Defense, $1.46 trillion has been spent on wars abroad between September 11, 2001 through mid-2017. This figure refers only to direct war-related expenses.

New York truck attack: Trump calls for end of green card lottery
November 1, 2017
President Trump responded to the Lower Manhattan attack by blaming the Diversity Visa Lottery Program. Trump expressed support for a merit-based immigration system, a system that Senator Chuck Schumer pushed for in a bill in 2013 despite his pro-immigration rhetoric.

Balfour 100 years on: Britain’s colonial legacy
November 1, 2017
Salma Yaqoub relates Prime Minister Theresa Mays’ vision for a “truly global Britain” to the colonial nature of the Balfour Declaration, one hundred years on. She notes that Britain’s centennial celebration was greatly lacking in introspection, as Israeli PM Netanyahu was invited to celebrate. She goes on to recount some of Britain’s bloody imperial legacy.

Yemen war: Saudi-led air strike ‘kills 26 at Saada market’
November 1, 2017
“Warplanes are reported to have bombed a hotel and a busy market in the Sahar district of Saada province.” Since March 2015, more than 8,670 people have been killed and 49,900 injured, the majority of them civilians.