Dozens of Syrians reported killed in air strikes on Aleppo market
November 13, 2017
Air strikes, possibly Russian, on a popular Aleppo market killed at least 61 Syrian civilians. The Syrian Network for Human Rights said that the missiles caused “a massacre”. Activists shared videos of decimated limbs and bodies.

Palestinian children’s rights focus of new US bill
November 14, 2017
Rep. Betty McCollum, along with nine co-sponsors, introduced the Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Human Rights Act. The bill would require the secretary of states to annually certify that US aid towards Israel does not contribute to abuses against Palestinian children.

Congress asks if Donald Trump really can blow the world up without restraints
November 14, 2017
Maryland Senator Ben Cardin is getting asked my constituents if the president can really “order a nuclear attack without any controls”. The Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing on the president’s authority in this regard.

The Uncounted
November 16, 2017
An investigation by the New York Times found that the civilian casualty rate caused by airstrikes is more than 31 times the official claims put forth by the American-led coalition. One in five of the coalition strikes resulted in civilian death.

The profound misunderstanding the public has about how the military operates
November 15, 2017
Contrary to popular belief, the U.S. military is not a volunteer military. Instead, it is a recruit military fueled by directed ad campaigns, investment in sports leagues, and increasing reliance on civilian employees.