Refugee Resettlement

Refugee Advocate Wins Telstra Business Award for Resettlement Work
November 22, 2017
Violet Roumeliotis, a daughter of Greek immigrants who spent decades working at non-profit agencies has taken the top prize at the Telstra Businesswoman of the Year awards. Her work has helped new arrivals to get jobs, start businesses, and resettle in Australia. Roumeliotis said, “It’s an opportunity for me to amplify the voice of vulnerable Australians and refugees.”

With Asylum Seekers Cleared From Manus Island, New Phase Begins
November 24, 2017
The Papua New Guinea authorities cleared the Manus Island detention center recently. Hundreds of asylum seekers were sent to new facilities on the island, ending the standoff that had been escalating since Australia decommissioned the center last month. “Video footage from inside the camp on Thursday showed scenes of chaos. With asylum seekers screaming, immigration officials could be seen using long metal poles to rifle through the men’s belongings and push them from the camp.”

In Myanmar, Pope Francis Calls for Peace Without Saying ‘Rohingya’
November 26, 2017
In Pope Francis’ trip to Myanmar, Pope Francis had the opportunity to champion the cause of the Rohingya facing genocide in front of the country’s de facto leader and other officials. However, he avoided directly addressing the situation or even using the name of the ethnic group.

German Mayor Who Welcomed Refugees is Stabbed by Angry Resident
November 28, 2017
The Mayor of a German town has vowed to keep representing “‘those who have fled here and those who have been here,’ after a citizen angry with his open-door policies plunged a knife into his neck.” Andreas Hollstein, the mayor of the western German town was approached by a drunken man who yelled, “‘You leave me to go thirsty and bring in refugees.’” The incident comes as Germany faces turmoil after elections where the far-right alternative won seats in the German parliament.

At Least 70 Refugees Held on Nauru Reportedly Accepted For Resettlement in US
November 28, 2017
At least 70 refugees held by Australia on Nauru have been accepted for resettlement in the U.S. “Staff from the US state department-funded Resettlement Support Centre, currently on Nauru, have told about 70 refugees – mainly single men from Pakistan and Afghanistan but also some single women – they can resettle in America.” More meetings are scheduled in the next coming days and up to 90 refugees are expected to be accepted in this round of resettlement offers.

Military Spending

Congress Confronts Jam-Packed December With Shutdown Deadline Looming
November 26, 2017
Congress will return to Washington to confront “a series of highly charged partisan issues as a deadline for extending government funding approaches. “Leaders of both parties have publicly played down the possibility of a showdown next month. Funding expires on Dec. 8, and both sides have floated the possibility of a short-term stopgap to push negotiations until just before Christmas.”

Lawmakers Rush to Fix Defense Spending by Next Week
November 27, 2017
Members of Congress returning from Thanksgiving weekend “are getting close to crunch time as funding for the government expires Dec. 8.” Leaders from both parties were scheduled to meet with Trump and try to reach an agreement on how to set spending levels and remove or loosen the fiscal ‘straitjacket’ known as sequestration.