U.S. generals might stop Trump from an illegal nuclear strike – but who will save us from a legal one?November 21, 2017
Mehdi Hasan raises important questions about the implications of General Hyten’s announcement that he will not comply with an illegal nuclear strike ordered by the President. For example, what stopped generals from addressing Presidents Bush and Obama about their illegal military actions? When can a nuclear strike, resulting in up to millions of civilian casualties, ever be legal?

Top Samantha Power aide is now lobbying to undermine opponents of Yemen war
November 22, 2017
Hagar Chemali, former top spokesperson for Samantha Powers, is now helping shape the U.N. debate surrounding the Yemen war. One email of hers obtained by The Intercept laid out a strategy to discredit the work of an NGO. The Arabian Rights Watch Association has been filing complaints with the UN Human Rights council and calling for investigations into human rights violations.

Fatah: Disarmament of Hamas not on dialogue table
November 27, 2017
Senior Hamas official, Khalil al-Hayya, said the subject of “weapons of resistance” is not up for discussion. Palestinian faction Fatah has not made disarmament of Hamas’ military a precondition for Palestinian reconciliation talks.

Documents show US monitoring of Black Lives Matter
November 28, 2017
Black Lives Matter protests have been seen as a potential threat by the FBI and DHS, according to recently released documents. The “threat” is referred to as “black supremacist extremist”. The files reveal that protests have been monitored.

In unprecedented move, ten Democratic senators demand that Netanyahu halt Israel demolition of Palestinian village
November 29, 2017
Ten Democratic senators urged Netanyahu in a letter to end Israel’s plan to demolish the village of Susiya. The “strong” language of the letter marks an important shift in Democrats’ rhetoric towards Israel and its abuses.