By Musabika Nabiha

American warfare’s giant open secret
November 6, 2017
In this essay, Major Danny Sjursen recounts “Congress’ 70-year romance with cowardice” when it comes to war. The last time Congress has actually declared war was in WWII. Ever since Truman intervened in Korea without consulting Congress, America’s multiple military interventions occurred without Congressional leadership or oversight.

Report: U.S. gives Israel green light to assassinate Iranian General Soleimani
January 1, 2018
According to a report by Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jarida, the U.S. has given Israel clearance to assassinate Soleimani. The two countries reportedly agreed that he is a threat to their interests in the region, despite the U.S. having thwarted Israel’s assassination attempts in the past. Al Jarida is generally regarded as a platform for Israel to convey its messages to Arab countries.

My life as a New York Times reporter in the shadow of the War on Terror
January 3, 2018
James Risen, author of the book “State of War” narrates the obstacles he faced in publishing revelatory work as an investigative journalist. Often, this included government officials pressuring him and the New York Times to not publish civil liberties stories in the name of “national security”.

Trump’s hyper-militarism flies in the face of his America-first doctrine
January 7, 2018
President Trump, who campaigned on a return to American isolationism, has in fact escalated American military involvement. Special Forces have been deployed to 70% of the world under Trump; 1000 civilians were killed in just one month of his presidency. The current administration is continually adding to the “other 4 million Muslims killed in Western-led wars since 1990”.

‘Crazy numbers’: civilian deaths from airstrikes almost double in a year
January 8, 2017
2017 saw an enormous rise in civilian deaths: more than 15,000 killed by explosive weapons, a 42% increase. The rise in deaths coincided with an increase in U.S.-led operations. “We’re becoming too complacent about urban warfare,” said Airwars director Chris Woods.