Refugee Resettlement

Exclusive: Dozens of Refugee Resettlement Offices to Close as Trump Downsizes Program
February 14, 2018
Refugee resettlement agencies are preparing to shut down more than 20 offices across the country and cut back operations in more than 40 other agencies. “The slated closures, which are being reviewed by the State Department for final approval, follow President Donald Trump’s decision to dramatically reduce the number of refugees that will be allowed into the United States.” The major drop means the country doesn’t need all 324 offices.

Immigrant Rights Group in Email Says it Was Warned Not to Mention Abortion to Teens
February 15, 2018
A major legal services group for immigrant children told its lawyers not to discuss abortion access, even if minors ask for help to understand their legal rights. They feared it would jeopardize a multi-million dollar contract with the Department of Health and Human Services. “The constraints on what government-funded lawyers can say to young detainees was contained in an email from the nonprofit Vera Institute of Justice.”

Photographer Greg Beales Documents the Global Refugee Crisis
February 15, 2018
Photographer and humanitarian Greg Beales has been documenting the global refugee crisis for eight years. Following the news that dozens of refugee resettlement offices are closing soon with more 40 getting cut back, he revealed his latest exhibit, “They Arrived Last Night,” which is currently on display at the Loyola University Museum of Art until June 2.

Indonesia’s Overcrowded Refugee Detention Centres
February 15, 2018
Many refugees are left homeless in Indonesia because the detention centers are full. “Many are in detention centres, which are full to capacity, leaving many homeless and so desperate they are asking to be put in prison.” More than 14,000 refugees are stuck in limbo in Indonesia as they await resettlement in other countries.

Myanmar to Resettle 6,000 Stranded Rohingya Refugees
February 20, 2018
Myanmar agreed with Bangladesh to resettle more than 6,000 Rohingya Muslims who were stranded in no man’s land in between the two countries. “About 700,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled army-led violence in Buddhist-majority Myanmar since August and are living in refugee camps in Bangladesh.” Some became stranded when Myanmar began building bunkers and threatened refugees to leave and enter Bangladesh.

Military Spending

Trump’s Military Parade Could Cost $30 Million
February 14, 2018
Trump’s military parade will not be cheap. “Mick Mulvaney, the White House budget director, estimated on Wednesday that the public display of America’s military might that Mr. Trump has called for could cost between $10 million and $30 million.” He added that the government would have to come up with a way to cover the cost.

US Wasting Billions on Nuclear Bombs that Serve No Purpose and are Security Liability – Experts
February 15, 2018
The U.S. is to spend billions of dollars to upgrade 150 nuclear bombs positioned in Europe. The weapons, though, may be useless and, potentially, a catastrophic security liability. “The bombs are the remnants of a much larger cold war nuclear arsenal in Europe, and critics have said they serve no military purpose, as the nuclear deterrent against Russia relies largely on the overwhelming US strategic missile arsenal.”

Analysis: Donald Trump Blasts U.S. Spending in the Middle East as ‘Stupid,’ Then Increases It
February 16, 2018
Trump published his budget for 2019 whilst attacking U.S. foreign policy and spending in the Middle East. “Trump began the rollout Monday, tweeting, ‘After so stupidly spending $7 trillion in the Middle East, it is now time to start investing in OUR Country!’” Trump’s $4 trillion+ budget, however, projects $1 trillion or so federal deficit. Much of the budget is dedicated to blunting Russia and North Korea.