by Kevin Mercado

Refugee Resettlement

February 28, 2018,
Official: Teens in Migrant Shelters Have No Abortion Rights
The U.S. government official whose office oversees shelters for unaccompanied immigrant minor recently said in a testimony that “pregnant teens in his agency’s care have no right to an abortion under the Constitution.” Scott Lloyd, the director of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement, gave a deposition as part of an ongoing lawsuit over abortion access for immigrant minors.

March 1, 2018,
Spurned by U.S. and Facing Danger Back Home, Iranian Christians Fear the Worst
Iranians, mostly members of their nation’s Christian minorities, were ready for a new life in America after what should have been a brief sojourn in Austria for visa processing. However, more than a year later, approximately 100 remain stranded in Vienna with no money and a promise of life in America broken. “The United States denied their applications for refugee status in recent weeks.”

March 1, 2018,
Mike Pence Loses Legal Battle to Keep Syrian Refugees Out of Indiana
A federal judge recently ruled that the state of Indiana cannot bar Syrian refugees from settling there. This ruling ended a years-long battle between immigration advocates and Mike Pence. “U.S. District Judge Tanya Pratt sided with a refugee agency represented by the ACLU, issuing a permanent injunction against the state of Indiana.”

March 3, 2018,
Dozens of Refugees Leave Nauru for Resettlement in US
Four more refugee families as well as a cohort of single men have left immigration camps in Nauru to start their new lives in the U.S. The group of 29, including eight children, who flew off the island nation on Sunday, is the fifth cohort to leave Nauru under Australia’s refugee resettlement deal with the US.” They included two Sri Lankan families, one Rohingya family, and one Afghan family.