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As a dues-paying member of the Peace Action New York State family, you provide critical support for our on the ground activists in calling for a U.S. foreign policy that defends diplomacy.

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Peace Action New York State Activists Speak Out

Don’t just take it from us, let our activists & members do the talking!

“Jordan and I had an amazing experience learning about the Peace Action national network, meeting other student leaders, learning about the issues, and lobbying on Capitol Hill. We came back from the conference with a lot of fresh ideas and enthusiasm for next year.” Caleb

Binghamton University

“I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in Peace Action National’s annual meeting and discussion, as well as join everyone in lobbying. That was a truly invaluable experience, and I really appreciate the effort you put in to have us there. Everyone from PANYS has been so supportive, and I am grateful to be a part of the PANYS family.” Michaela

Syracuse Peace Council

“I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to work with you for a cause so close to my heart and for all the guidance and mentorship you’ve provided along the way. ” Meredith


Frequently Asked Questions

Is my membership tax-deductible?
Membership is a critical part of PANYS and our ongoing programs in political advocacy. Because we do direct political work with PANYS, including lobbying Representatives, taking sides on critical bills that impact our tax dollars and our foreign policy, and endorse candidates, your membership is not tax-deductible.
Can I make a tax-deductible donation to support your work?
Yes! By donating to the Peace Action Fund of New York State, our 501c3 organization, you are supporting ongoing educational programs around U.S. foreign policy and legislation. PAFNYS provides essential support to our student network, to peace education programs, and keeps the office lights on. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation to PAFNYS.
What is the difference between PANYS and PAFNYS?

Peace Action New York State is a 501c4 membership organization that works to shape the politics of how foreign policy is made and who makes it. In New York State, PANYS work includes: in-district lobby visits with Representatives, lobbying in Washington D.C. at the annual Peace Action national Organizer’s Conference, and endorsing or opposing political candidates. Your membership in this organization is directly linked to our political power in the State to shape state-wide and federal policies impacting our key issues.

Peace Action Fund of New York State is a 501c3 non-profit organization that uses education to deepen understanding of U.S. foreign policy issues and how to shape them. In New York State, PAFNYS work includes: supporting stipends for our campus organizers, staff support for student education around our key issues, organizing the regional student peace activist conference, and our presence in the rallies and protests and many other events that call attention to the gross human rights violations of our time.

I'm not in New York. Is there a Peace Action chapter near me?
Peace Action is the nation’s largest grassroots peace advocacy organization. They have state-wide and local affiliates throughout the country. You can find a list of Peace Action local affiliates, and information on how your organization can become an affiliate, here on our Peace Action national website.
How else can I support Peace Action in New York?
You can sign up for our weekly newsletter here to get regular updates on key policy battles we’re facing to defend diplomacy and build a world without war. Or, if you want to start a chapter or volunteer in another capacity, email us at: Thanks for your help!

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