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Peace News: Refugee Resettlement & Military Spending Edition

by Kevin Mercado Refugee Resettlement: Supreme Court Allows Trump to Keep Blocking Refugee Resettlement July 19, 2017 The United States Supreme Court will allow President Donald Trump to enact part of his Muslim Travel block refugee resettlement. “The Court stayed...

Peace News: U.S. Wars Abroad Edition

By Matthew Nizich Yemen U.S. Doubled Fuel Support For Saudi Bombing Campaign In Yemen After Deadly Strike On Funeral July 13, 2017 In the months following the Saudi Arabian bombing of a funeral, killing 130 people, the United States doubled the amount of fuel it...

Peace News- U.S. Wars Abroad Edition

by Matt Nizich AUMF Amendment Lawmakers applaud after panel approves language revoking war authority July 6, 2017 The House Appropriations Committee on Thursday approved an amendment that would revoke a 2001 law giving the president authority to undertake war against...