Artistic Vigil

Vigils can become routine and lose meaning and the ability to engage the audience. But they don't have to. It can be positioning candles as a poignant symbol, or it can marked be the planned behavior of those participating in the vigil.

Examples of an Artistic Vigil

After 9/11, anti-war protesters went to Times Square in all black clothing and dust masks. They were silent, held candles, and wore signs that said “Our Grief is Not a Cry for War”. Powerful, right?

How can you adapt this to peace advocacy? Here are some ideas:

Symbols bring added meaning to vigils, and can have powerful impact when captured and shared on social media.

  • Arrange candles to form a sign of solidarity, for example, the Peace for Paris symbol, or a more general sign of peace: a dove, or peace sign.
  • Hold a vigil where the number of candles is significant, and add a sign explaining the significant, i.e. each candle represents 100 Iraqi civilians lost in the Iraq war.

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