Banner Hang

Make your message large – literally. By taking markers and writing on banners as large, or larger, than your bed sheets, your message will be impossible to ignore.

What is a Banner Hang?

A banner hang is a visual disruption of business as usual. What better way to point out the corruption of an institution than by hanging a giant banner over its front door? Banner hangs also work as public service announcements, e.g. writing campus sexual violence statistics on a banner, and hanging it on the admissions office during tours for prospective students.

Examples of Banner Hangs: During WTO negotiations, a giant banner was hung. It displayed a classic street sign with arrows pointing in opposite directions: democracy this way, WTO that way. It framed the issue as the people vs. the WTO. CODEPINK also used a banner hang to give a giant “pink slip” to George W. Bush in front of the white house.

How can you adapt this to peace advocacy? Here are some ideas:

  • Before an event, tie origami cranes and messages w/ event details to helium-filled balloons and let them loose in the hallway of a student center or of a building with a lot of political science/IR classes.
  • On a sheet, write a message for Peace in the new year and ask students to join peace action to make it happen.
  • Attach to balloons a strip of paper that says “BANG” on one side and on the other side, says “Drones come out of nowhere all around the world & hurt innocent communities. End U.S. drone policies. Join Peace Action.”

To contribute ideas or for any questions you might have please contact Kate Alexander, Director of Policy and Outreach