Creative Petition

Online petitions have marginal impact, but petitions delivered creatively are difficult to ignore.

Examples of Creative Petition Delivery

Petitions can be delivered in so many ways that are really powerful and public. Petition signatures can be gathered and then published, with the text of the petition, in a paper. They can be sent to Congressional offices in a form – such as Hearts for Haiti – with each heart representing a signature asking for debt relief for Haiti.

How can you adapt this to peace advocacy? Here are some ideas:

Creative petition deliveries can be used to impact Representatives and to impact your members, campus or community. Here are some ideas:

  • Is your petition about principles found in the Constitution, i.e. freedom of speech? Dress up like the Founding Fathers when delivering the petition. Or, dress up like the Statue of Liberty to deliver a petition to welcome refugees.
  • Let your campus know that 100 of their peers support refugee resettlement, and publish the names of the petition signers in the local/campus paper (but ask for permission when they sign the petition).
  • Follow the example of Hearts for Haiti. For example, to demand relief for refugees, when you deliver the petition add a red cross for every 10 signatures.

To contribute ideas or for any questions you might have please contact Kate Alexander, Director of Policy and Outreach