Building the Next Generation of Peace Activists

What we’re seeing is a new peace movement emerge – a movement that is defined by the interests and talents of its extraordinary and diverse new leaders, current students and others. This movement exists at the intersection of justice, international development, equality, environmental protection and ending militarism. No Justice, No Peace. No Climate Action, No Peace. No Equality, No Peace.

Kate Alexander

Director of Policy and Outreach, Peace Action New York State

Emilie is a senior at Hofstra University, pursuing a double major in Global Studies and Geography, with minors in Philosophy and Civic Engagement. She plans on attending Graduate school in the coming years to study Geography with a concentration in human rights. She has previously worked with The Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives, where she became passionate about civic participation, women’s empowerment, and building peaceful and inclusive societies. She currently works with the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders as a research and advocacy intern to promote and advocate for the implementation of the United Nations Security Council resolutions on Women, Peace, and Security. She is the founder and president of Hofstra’s Peace Action chapter where she works with an incredible group of student organizers and activists to raise awareness about current issues and promote peace on campus.

Emilie Beck

Student Peace Organizer, Hofstra University

Michael Lieberman is a junior at Binghamton University studying English. He has been a part of the student chapter of Peace Action at Binghamton University for a year and in the Spring semester of 2017 served on the Executive Board as the Education Chair. Having served in this position, he is aware of how important Peace Action is in educating students about both domestic and international current affairs. He is passionate about Peace Action’s mission of working towards peace both abroad and at home. As President of the student chapter at Binghamton University he is looking forward to working toward this mission of peace and justice by both taking action and by educating his peers.

Michael Lieberman

Student Peace Organizer, Binghamton University

Samantha Wilson is a junior psychology major with minors in peace studies and biology at Manhattan College. Samantha is originally from Long Island and was attracted to Manhattan College for its emphasis on giving students opportunities to participate in service and volunteer work. She has been a part of MC’s activism club JustPeace since last year and is excited to be taking on the role of president.
Samantha contributes her passion as a peace advocate to the influence of her mom and sister. After college, she plans to volunteer abroad and possibly pursue a doctorate degree in psychology. She is very interested in helping people who suffer from PTSD, especially in response to the current refugee crisis. She is very grateful for the opportunity to learn from PANYS activists and students from other colleges!

Sam Wilson

Student Peace Organizer, Manhattan College

Hi my name is Uma Natarajan and I am currently a student at SUNY Geneseo. I joined Peace Action when I was a freshman and I have fell in love with the group immediately. I originally came into this group not knowing much about political and social justice issues, but through various events, meetings, and demonstrations I have formed a strong foundation on several issues. I have used the knowledge I have gained from this group in order to raise awareness on campus and activate social change. Joining Peace Action has been one of the best decisions of my college career and has helped shape me into the person I am today.

Uma Natarajan

Student Peace Organizer, SUNY Geneseo

Rebecca Del Vecchio is a sophomore at the Macaulay Honors College at the College of Staten Island. She majoring in political science and international studies and minoring in legal studies and public administration. She is passionate about human rights and giving back to her community. After college, she plans to go to law school and become a human rights lawyer.

Rebecca Del Vecchio

Student Peace Organizer, Macaulay Honors College

I am completing my senior year at Sarah Lawrence College studying anthropology, philosophy, and visual arts. I spent the past year living in Australia studying at two different Universities and travelling around the country. I have been actively involved with numerous volunteer organizations, including volunteering in a correctional facility in New York and being an Ambassador for the Do Something organization through Sarah Lawrence College to federally ban guns from the campus permanently. I am passionate about working to promote, advocate, and spread peace globally, especially in this current time of political turmoil.

Mimi Healy

Student Peace Organizer, Sarah Lawrence College

I am currently a junior at Stony Brook University, working towards a major in Political Science and a minor in Applied Math and Statistics. I was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas, and then moved to Texas freshman year to attend the University of Dallas. I then transferred to Stony Brook for my sophomore year after my family moved to New York. I am not yet sure what I want to do after college, although at this point I am highly considering law school. I am interested in the foreign relations and diplomacy side of politics, and I hope to one day work for the government within that realm. This will be my first year as Stony Brook’s campus organizer, and I am very excited to get started!

Marie Abed

Student Peace Organizer, Stony Brook University

Simone is a Sophomore at Cornell University studying Government and International Relations. At Cornell, Simone is the Vice President of Membership for the Cornell International Affairs Society and the Logistics Chair for the Women of Color Coalition. Simone is passionate about both international and domestic human rights issues and enjoys being involved and giving back to her community both at Cornell and the greater Ithaca community. After graduating from Cornell, Simone hopes to attend law school and run for office one day!

Simone Smith

Student Peace Organizer, Cornell University

Jessica Duque is a sophomore at Pace University majoring in Economics with a double minor in Political Science and Peace and Justice Studies. She was born in Manila, Philippines and has lived in Los Angeles, California since the age of three. Jessica has interned with various political offices, most notably Congresswoman Judy Chu. She is also a member of UNICEF’s Congressional Action Team in New York City. Jessica hopes to work in sustainable development or towards solving any human rights issue. After Pace she wants to attend graduate school and somehow make it on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. She has two dogs in California named Chewie and Yoda, named after the Star Wars characters.

Jessica Duque

Student Peace Organizer, Pace University

Chey Bennett is a Sophomore at Keuka College. She is majoring in Political Science & History with a double minor in American Sign Language (ASL) and “Spanish and Cross-cultural studies”. She is originally from Bronx, New York where she received both her International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and her regular High School diploma from Bronx Early College Academy an International Baccalaureate World school. Chey began her background in politics in 2013 when she interned for NYS Assemblyman Keith L.T. Wright and was then upgraded to a staff assistant the following year. Since then she has received Special awards and recognitions such as: a NYS Assembly Citation for Assemblyman Keith L.T. Wright (NYS 70th assembly district), an award of Special Congressional recognition from Congressman Charles B. Rangel and others. On campus Chey is a member of the Keuka Concords (A capella group), the LGBTQA+ Resource Center and works as a Sports information digital Media Assistant. This is Chey’s first semester with PANYS and she hopes to grow through it.

Chey Bennett

Student Organizer, Keuka College

Victoria is a Senior attending SUNY New Paltz majoring in Political Science and English. She was previously the New York Public Interest Group Board Director of New Paltz and worked with the Voter Mobilization and Higher Education teams. She was President of the Amnesty International chapter on her campus and has been a Senator in for the past 5 semesters. She was also Co-Chair of SUNY SA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee which oversaw intersectionality over all of SUNY’s 64 campuses. She is passionate about human rights, obtainable higher education and social justice.

Victoria Lopez

Student Peace Organizer, SUNY New Paltz

Hi! My name is Karina Wong and I am currently a sophomore at Fordham University, Lincoln Center. I am majoring in Applied Mathematics, with a double minor in Economics and Humanitarian Studies. I was born in Manhattan and raised between Manhattan and Long Island. I do not have siblings but I do have a Shih Tzu named Mimi who is adorable. Since learning more about the humanitarian ‘world’, I’ve gained valuable knowledge and insight into this new field. At PANYS, I strive to continue to learn more about the world and many issues that we, as humanity, need to face and accept. One of the most important core values I hold as part of PANYS, is our responsibility to spread awareness of such issues and events, no matter how great or small the impact is on our society.

Karina Wong

Student Peace Organizer, Fordham University at Lincoln Center

I am a senior at UAlbany. My major is environmental science with a concentration in geography and minors in public health, political science, and Africana studies. I was introduced to social justice issues by my parents. In college I discovered Peace Action and knew I found a group that represented my values and would give me the ability to work on issues I’m passionate about. Thanks to my work with Peace Action I have gained the skills necessary to engage in activism that is effective and beneficial. Now more than ever it is important to work for peace and to address social justice issues.

Haleigh Snare

Student Peace Organizer, University of Albany

Hello, my name is Peyton! I am a senior at Canisius College and I’m studying International Relations and Political Science. I’ve been a member of Peace Action since my sophomore year after I attended a week of service in Lyons NY where I learned about undocumented workers and their struggles in this country. From there I was motivated to learn as much as I could about human rights and social justice. The best part of gaining this knowledge was wanting to share it with as many people as I could to spread the word of peace and solidarity, and for me Peace Action has been that mouth piece. A former peace action member once told me, “People can’t care about something unless they know about it” and by following that rule I work with Peace Action to spread the word of injustices in our world so more can join our fight for peace and kinship.

Peyton Richmond

Student Peace Organizer, Canisius College

Sabrina Chen is a sophomore at Columbia University studying Political Science and Mathematics. In her hometown of Huntsville, Alabama, she is the Founder and Executive Director of Eat Pie Institute of Mathematics. Since 2011, she has directed and taught at Eat Pie Institute, an intensive summer program for middle and high school students in discrete mathematics. Sabrina has traveled to Malawi and Kosovo to learn about peaceful conflict resolution, and hopes to one day help ameliorate everyday life in post-conflict regions. She seeks human connection and believes that language and an open mind are the first steps to bridging the gap.

Sabrina Chen

Student Peace Organizer, Columbia University

I am studying Politics & Human Rights and International Studies at Marymount Manhattan College. I am extremely passionate about government, especially on how it relates to human rights. I am someone who achieves to make the world a better place by learning, educating and working relentlessly.

Juan Osario

Student Peace Organizer, Marymount Manhattan College

Hi! My name is Natalie Fiorenzo, and I am a senior at Fordham University in the Bronx. I am originally from Boston, big big red sox fan. Here at Fordham I am completing an international studies major, with a concentration in Latin American Studies, and I play for the Women’s Rugby Team! I studied social movements and human rights in Argentina for a semester, and cannot wait to bring what I learned there and PANYS’s commitments together.

Natalie Fiorenzo

Student Peace Organizer, Fordham University at Rose Hill

Awa Kone is a sophomore at Syracuse University. She is double majoring in Citizenship & Civic Engagement and Policy Studies. She is also double minoring in Political Science and Engineering & Computer Science Management. She is originally from Manhattan and found her interest and passion for law and government in the Columbia High School Law Institute program. She is currently pursuing her interest by interning at Mayor Ben Walsh office and at Stanley Law offices L.L.P. She is also student teaching assistant for the policy studies major, and a member of the Deans team that works for the Dean of Syracuse University College of Arts & Science. She is also an RA for the honors community at Syracuse University and is involved in various organizations on and off campus. She is the director of the Cuse Spot community service program in the maxwell school public affairs office and a JUMP mentor to students in Syracuse city school district.

Awa hopes to use her background and experiences to contribute to peace action by first establishing a chapter on the Syracuse University campus and second increasing her knowledge on various topics in order to better and effectively represent and advocate for those who don’t have the means to do so themself.

Awa Kone

Student Peace Organizer, Syracuse University

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